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Man Hunting Summit

Presented by Ten8 Project


for law enforcement K9 teams

October 9-14th

Texas at The Ranch

Join us for a all inclusive 6 day Manhunting Summit hosted by The Ten8 Project. This course will be held at the state of the art training facility The Ranch located in Dilley TX.

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This course will be FREE for all Active  Dual purpose Law Enforcement K9 teams that attend. The Ten8 Project is honored to cover room and board, meals and the course for all students in attendance. All you have to do is arrive on time ready to train.

Subjects covered during this 6 day 65 hour course are as follows:

Functional Fitness & Nutrition

Building & Area searches

Small Teams operations with a K9

High Value Target Operations

Tracking & Trailing

Vehicle Interdiction

Low Light Operations

Active Threat Response

Stop the Bleed




Subjects will be taught by the following Cadre:

Patrick R, a Former United States Marine now medic with deployments to Afghanistan

After leaving the Marines Patrick then went on to work in New York in Emergency Services before deploying to Kosovo where he oversaw CLS, CPR and TCCC training for local elements. Pat also served as a medic while on contract. After leaving Kosovo Patrick then returned to Afghanistan where he would oversee security and emergency medical operations for two and a half years. Pat then left Afghanistan providing medic training and assisting in security operations in Haiti and then the Dominican Republic. Pat now serves as the Medical training Director and Operations Manager with Peacemaker Defense Group.


Julian M, Former United States Army Ranger and Ranger dog handler/ Master Trainer

Julian M is a former Army Ranger, Master Dog Trainer & Former Ranger K9 Handler with over 15 years of experience. Julian deployed 8 times while serving in Ranger Battalion while conducting over 600 missions in a Special Operations Capacity. Currently Julian works with multiple Government and Law Enforcement Agencies serving as an expert in the Multi Purpose Canine field while being utilized in a combat environment.


Andy M, Former Security Contractor, corrections officer and Police officer K9 handler and Dog trainer

Andy M is a former security contractor, police officer & former corrections officer. Andy owns a 30 dog full spectrum working dog kennel where he trains family protection dogs, Police Dogs and works with multiple agencies training small team applications with K9s. Andy Provided Andy began training dogs in 2015, utilizing explosive detection dogs as well as dual purpose k9s to assist with VIP protection details nationwide. Andy has trained and successfully placed countless dogs with High Net Worth Families world wide as well as Trained and certified multiple patrol K9s. Andy has trained hundreds of government employees and civilians in Active Threat and Active Shooter courses. In 2021 Andy along with his good Friend Nick S Started the Ten8 Project. Having overpouring community support and fundraising success in the first quarter the Project has donated multiple Police K9s and SAR k9s, Firetrucks & Police cars, Weapons systems, body armor, Leashes, Collars, Dog vests as well as funding the vet bills for multiple policek9s and Thousands of pounds of Dog food. The Project has also put on multiple Free to the Agency training courses both tactical and medical as well as hundred’s of hours of on street training with patrol officers and specialized units.  Andy also serves as the the CEO of Peacemaker Defense Group and Peacemaker K9. 


Diogo R, Dog Trainer, 12 years experience training pets, protection, and Police K9s

Diogo. Over the last 12 years he has worked with and advised for several local and federal law enforcement agency k9 teams. Diogos focuse is obedience, aggression and implementing K9s into tactical team situations and scenarios. Diogo also works with multiple tactical industry leaders assisting in research and development of K9 gear and other items such as training munitions and devices as well as identifying best practices and practicality of gear applications. Diogo is a expert in helo k9 interdiction operations and has trained with multiple federal k9 srt teams in such. Diogo is the owner of Advanced K9 Training.


Brock W, Former Professional Hockey player, Certified Strength & Conditioning specialist and Certified Personal Trainer

Brock is a former Professional Hockey player following in his fathers footsteps the Legendary Rik Wilson of the St Louis Blues. Brock Studied exercise science in college and then went on to play professional hockey for 5 seasons. Like his father when Brock retired from hockey he invested in the training facility that his father had started and expanded into Performance training. Brock has 15 years experience training and has worked with many NHL draft picks, players and teams. Brock also works with many NCAA athletes helping mold them into well rounded young men and explosive athletes. Many of Brocks clients have then gone on to Play in both the NHL and the NFL. Brocks passion is health and fitness as well as being a role model to his son and the many young men he is actively coaching. Brock is a proud Husband, Father business owner and Supporter of the Ten8 Project. Brock Currently serves as the Director of Athletic Performance at his Gym Force Performance.

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