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Female police officer smiling at another officer off camera


While the need is great, no donation is too small. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our public safety professionals and the communities they serve by providing the tools and training that they cannot fund themselves. From K-9 units to gear and training, an immediate impact is made through the work of the

Ten8 Project. 


will cover the cost of a fire department vehicle fully outfitted for a K-9


will cover the costs of sourcing a top-caliber K-9 including the extensive training of the dog, medical bills and food


will provide one police vehicle not yet outfitted for the officer nor a K-9


will outfit an existing law enforcement vehicle with the gear needed to make it safe for a K-9


will cover the gear needed for a K-9 including collar, leash, vests and medical kits


will cover the cost of training a law enforcement official to properly use a K-9


will cover gear to outfit a police officer including duty belt, outer carrier, armor, holster and ifak


will cover one year of food and vet bills for a police K-9

$500 - $750

will cover food & boarding for working K-9s


Your donation will help us provide the tools and training that will improve the lives of the public safety professionals and the residents they serve.

If you have any questions about making a donation,

please contact us at


You can mail your donation to:

Ten8 Project

PO BOX 891

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